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NeverWhere is a strikingly original dark fantasy television series by Neil Gaiman. The series is set in 'London Below', a magical realm overlaid on the London familiar to all.

NeverWhere was first broadcast by the BBC on September 12 1996. There are six half hour episodes:

  1. Door
  2. Knight's Bridge
  3. Earls Court To Islington
  4. Blackfriars
  5. Down Street
  6. As Above, So Below

The novel was written after the series and was released in the UK by the BBC ISBN 0747266689 and from Avon books ISBN 0380789019 in July 1997.

Rumours of both a feature film adaptation and a sequel to the original story have been circulating since the original release. A script has been written for a movie version, it was optioned by the Jim Henson Company, but the project has been through so many script and directorial changes that it may well be designated as lost in Hollywood hell. Neil Gaiman has given a sequel to the book a definite maybe.