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See also Neuwied (district)

Neuwied a town in the Rhineland in Germany, lies on the right bank of the Rhine, 8 miles below Coblenz, on the railway from Frankfurt am Main to Cologne.

Neuwied was founded by Count Frederick of Wied in 1653, near the village of Langendorf, which was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War, and it rapidly increased owing to the toleration accorded to all religious sects. Among those who sought refuge here was a colony of Moravian Brethren.

Near Neuwied one of the largest Roman castra on the Rhine has been excavated.

In April 1797 the French, under General Hoche, defeated the Austrians near Neuwied, this being their first decisive success in the revolutionary wars.

See Wirtgen and Blenke, Neuwied und seine Umgebung (Neuwied, 1901).

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