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Neo Geo CD

The Neo Geo CD was released shortly after its catridge-based equilivent in an effort to reduce cost. Despite this, the system cost $300 new. Also, the 1X CD-ROM drive was quite slow, making to load time really long. One good thing was the fact that the cost of game was reduced to about $50 as opposed to the usual cost for neo-geo cartridges, sometimes upwards of $300.

The Neo Geo CD comes with a control pad instead of the joystick that is in other Neo Geo systems. This made the controls more stiff and caused some difficulty in play if one was used to the joystick.

Ultimately, the Neo Geo CD was considered a failure, mainly because of the lack of marketing and the huge load time. It was followed by the similarly unsuccessful Neo Geo CDZ.


CPU: 68,000 (16 bit) CPU Speed: 14 MHz Colors On Screen: 4,096 Colors Available: 65,536 Resolution: 320 x 224 Max Sprites: 380 Max Sprite Size: 16 x 512 Number of Planes: 3 Work RAM: 64 kbit Video RAM: 68 kbit Z80 RAM: 2 kbit CD Sound Chip: 13 Channel Yamaha 2610 Chip CD-ROM acess speed: 1X