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Nativity scene

A nativity scene (usually capitalized if referring to the birth of Jesus), also called a crèche, meaning "crib" or "manger" in French, generally refers to any depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus. Nativity scenes, in two dimensions (drawings, paintings, etc.) or three (sculpture or other three-dimensional crafts), usually show Jesus in a manger, Joseph, and Mary in a barn intended for the housing of animals. A mule and an ox surround them, after the Apocryphal Gospels. The scene sometimes includes three wise men, shepherdss, angels and the Star of Bethlehem.

They are placed around Christmas in Catholic homes, churches and parks. A life-sized one is on Piazza San Pietro in the Vatican City.

Its origin is attributed to St Francis of Assisi. The tradition was brought into Spain from Naples during the reign of Charles III of Spain.

In Catalonia, a figure (caganer) is included representing a Catalan peasant shitting.