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National World War II Memorial

[[Image:wwii_memorial_construction_1.376.jpg| WWII Memorial]]
National World War II Memorial, under construction ()

The National World War II Memorial is located on The Mall in Washington, DC, at the opposite end of the reflecting pool as the Lincoln Memorial. It is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in spring 2004 and will be dedicated May 29, 2004.

The memorial consists of 56 seventeen foot tall pillars arranged in a semi-circle around a central plaza, with two 43 foot tall arches, one on either side and Freedom wall containing 4,000 gold colored stars. The plaza is 337 feet 10 inches long and 240 feet 2 inches wide, it is sunk 6 feet below grade and has a pool that is 246 feet 9 inches by 147 feet 8 inches in it.

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