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Nat Fleischer

Nat Fleischer (1887-1972) was a noted American boxing writer. Fleischer inaugurated, in 1922, the Ring Magazine publication. He led that magazine, as editor in chief, for fifty years till his death in 1972.

In 1942, Fleischer began to publish the magazine's annual record book and boxing encyclopedia, which was published until 1990. In addition to that, Fleischer wrote several other books about the lifes of some world champions and about boxing history.

In 1954, General Pichai of Thailand invited Fleischer as a special guest to his homeland, as a way to ensure that the world championship bout between world Bantamweight champion Jimmy Carruthers of Australia and challenger Chamroen Songkitrat would follow the international boxing rules. It rained on the day of the fight, and 60,000 people were drenched by the rain. Fleischer suggested the fight be postponed and that they wait to see if the climate would get better the next day, but General Pichai ordered the bout to go on, reasoning that it would be hard to send off 60,000 people and the other thousands who were stranded outside back home under the pouring rain, to have them return the next day. Carruthers retained his crown by decision.

After Flesicher's death, the American Boxing Writer's Association named an award after him. The accolades kept on coming, and Fleischer later was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.