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Narodowe Sily Zbrojne

NARODOWE SIŁY ZBROJNE - The NSZ was the Polish armed underground guerilla, fighting Nazi German occupation in General Government. It occupied the extreme right wing of political spectrum. Programm included fight against Nazi Germany and Stalinist Soviet Union for independence of Poland, keep Polish pre-war borders in the east and gain territories of current Poland in the west.

The NSZ is accused of chauvinism and anti-Semitism. Some historians believe that the NSZ murdered hundreds of Jews who sought refuge in the forests. NSZ itself underlined, that it fought with Soviet partisants, many of them of Jewish origins. It also fought with the Polish communist partisans of Armia Ludowa (AL). Thanks to the policy of no-cooperation with Soviets and unlike Home Army (AK), that was completely transparent to Soviet security services, NSZ remained the military and political power when Poland was taken over by Red Army. The NSZ struggled against the new regime, while allegedly continuing to murder Holocaust survivors, whose as NSZ believed were the base for communist government. The members of NSZ were persecuted in the stalinist years after the war.

NSZ was created in September 20th 1942. It reached about 70,000 members. Part of NSZ joined in March 1944 the Home Army (AK). NSZ fought in Warsaw Uprising. In January 1945, the NSZ Holy Cross Mountains Brigade (Brygada Świętokrzyska) retreated before the Red Army with the Germans approval, into the German protectorate of Czech and Moravia. It, however, fought against Germans again in May 5th 1945 in Bohemia, when NSZ freed women from concentration camp in Holiszowo.

In fight they shown many sacrifices.

Commanders: colonel Ignacy Oziewicz colonel Tadeusz Kurcyusz colonel Stanislaw Kasznica