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Narnia is the secondary world created by the English author C. S. Lewis as a location for his Chronicles of Narnia, a series of seven fantasy novels for children. In it, animals talk, mythical beasts abound and magic is rampant.

Only a few human beings ever visited Narnia, chiefly British schoolchildren.

The world of Narnia is larger than just Narnia. East of all lands lies the Eastern Ocean, with its many islands and archipelagoes, like Galma, Lone Islands, the Seven Islands, and Terebinthia. Narnia itself is a hilly forested land, with the capital Cair Paravel at the coast, and the Lantern Waste in the Western Wilds. West of Narnia lies the wild country of Telmar. North of Narnia and beyond the Ettinmoors highlands are the Wild Lands of the North. The giants' land and city of Harfang lie there, as does the underground kingdom of the gnomes, Bism. South of Narnia is the mountainous country of Archenland, capital Anvard. South of Archenland lies the Great Desert, beyond which is the arid land of Calormen, with its capital Tashbaan.

There also worlds beyond these: the Wood Between Worlds and the ancient dying city of Charn.

External References

Peter, from Family Guy, briefly visited Narnia when he plunged into the clothes dryer in pursuit of a lost sock. Upon landing, he was greeted by a small creature who said, "Welcome to Narnia!" and ran quickly away with his sock.