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Napton-on-the-Hill often refered to as just Napton is a small village in the county of Warwickshire England, with a population of around 1000. It is situated between the towns of Southam and Daventry.

As the title suggests the village is situated upon a hill, which overlooks the Oxford Canal. Napton also has a restored Windmill which dates from 1543, and is a local landmark which can be seen from some distance away.

Just north of Napton lies a junction between the Oxford canal and the Grand Union Canal. There is also a flight of locks on the Oxford canal which climbs around the hill that Napton is situated upon.

The village was recorded as Neptone in the Domesday Book, and in Medieval times was one of the largest towns in Warwickshire. However it's population of around 1000 is roughly the same as it was in the year 1400.