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Nannyberry(Viburnum lentago) is a large shrub or small tree native to the North-eastern United States and Southern Canada from New Brunswick south to New York and west to the Dakotas. The Nannyberry is also called sweet viburnum or sheepberry. LEAF - like all viburnums, the leaf of the nannyberry is oppositely arranged on the twig, it is oval, 3.5 inches long, finely serrate, with a winged petiole.
FLOWER - The flowers are small, whitish and arranged in large round clusters.
FRUIT - The fruit is a small round blue-black drupe, about 3/8 of an inch on a reddish stem. The fruit is sweet and edible.
BARK - The bark of the nannyberry is grayish-brown, and broken into small scales.
TWIG - Twigs of the nannyberry are smooth, tough, flexible and produce an offensive odour when crushed or bruised.