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Nan Britton

Nan Britton (1896? - ?) was the author of The President's Daughter, published in 1927. In this book, she claimed to have been the mistress of U. S. President Warren G. Harding, and that Harding was the father of her daughter, Elizabeth Ann Christian, born in 1919. One famous passage mentions their making love in a coat-closet in the executive office of the White House. According to her, Harding had promised to support her daughter, but that after his sudden death in 1923 Harding's family refused to acknowledge the obligation. The ostensible purpose of the book was to earn money for the support of her daughter, and to champion the rights of illegitimate children.

Although she seems to idolize Harding, he comes across as an almost comically banal womanizer. In Only Yesterday, Frederick Lewis Allen remarks that, on the testimony of Britton's book, Harding's private life was "one of cheap sex episodes" and that "one sees with deadly clarity the essential ordinariness of the man, the commonness of his 'Gee dearie' and 'Say, you darling.'"