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Namp'o (Namp'o Chikhal-shi 남포 직할시; 南浦直轄市) is a city and port in North Korea.

It is situated some 50 kilometres south west of P'yongyang, at the mouth of the Taedong River. It is a modern port city on the west coast. It began to develop into a modern port after liberation in 1945. With the rapid increase in state investment, the city's industries grew and it now has powerful heavy industries and modern light industries. They include the Nampho Smelter Complex, the Nampho Glass Corporation, the Nampho Shipbuilding Complex, the Nampho Fishery Complex and other central and local factories.

The West Sea Barrage of the Namp'o port built by erecting an 8-km long sea wall has three lock chambers which allow the passage of ships up to 50,000 tons and 36 sluices. The harbour can accommodate ships of 20,000 tons but is frozen during the winter.

Population approximately: 400,000