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Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes is a fictional character in the stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. He is the older brother of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Possessing deductive powers more powerful by far than those of his younger brother, Mycroft is nonetheless incapable of the sort of detective work done by Sherlock due to a complete lack of the energy needed to actually bring cases to their conclusions.

"...he has no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way to verify his own solutions, and would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove himself right. Again and again I have taken a problem to him, and have received an explanation which has afterwards proved to be the correct one. And yet he was absolutely incapable of working out the practical points..."
--Sherlock Holmes, speaking of his brother in The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter

Mycroft has appeared or been mentioned in at least four stories by Doyle, including "The Greek Interpreter", "The Final Problem", "The Adventure of the Empty House" and "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans". While he does occasionally exert himself in these stories on the behalf of his brother, he on the whole remains a sedentary problem-solver, providing solutions based on seemingly no evidence and trusting Sherlock to handle any of the practical details.

In The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

In Robert A. Heinlein's novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, the name "Mycroft Holmes" refers to a self-aware computer system entrusted with running the life-support systems, among other things, in a penal colony on the Moon or "Luna". The computer, also referred to as "Mike", eventually sides with characters inciting a revolution to free Luna, and is instrumental in their victory against the Lunar Authority on Earth.\n