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My Life as a Teenage Robot

'\'My Life as a Teenage Robot'' is a show on Nickelodeon, that stars a 6-foot tall robot girl named XJ-9, but she likes to call herself "Jenny". "Jenny" likes to go to the mall, fit in at high school, and hang out with her friends Brad and Tuck, instead of saving the world. Her creator (a.k.a. mom) Mrs. Wakeman wants her to stay away from the human population, even teenagers. Brad likes what "Jenny" does, but his brother, Tuck, doesn't care for action. When "Jenny" is at high school, she would chill with the Krust Cousins, Brit and Tiff, who secretly do not like her. Also, a boy named Sheldon would stare at "Jenny" for hours, (he's in love with her) but "Jenny" loves a robot named the Silver Shell (he was created by Sheldon). So "Jenny" as some strange life, but a good life.

Episode list in chronological order

  1. It Came From Next Door/Pest Control
  2. Raggedy Android(RA)/Class Action
  3. Attack of the 5 1/2 foot Geek/Doom with a View
  4. Ear No Evil(NE)/Unlicensed Flying Object
  5. Party Machine/Speak No Evil(NE)
  6. See No Evil(NE)/The Great Unwashed
  7. Return of Raggedy Android(RA)/The Boy who Cries Robot
  8. Sibling Tsunami/I Was a Preschool Dropout
  9. Hostile Makeover/Grid Iron Glory
  10. Dressed to Kill/Shell Game
  11. Daydream Believer/This Time with Feeling

(RA)= Raggedy Android Episode
(NE)= No Evil Episode