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Muztagh Tower

The Muztagh Tower (also: Mustagh Tower; Muztagh: ice tower), located at 76 21" E, 35 48" N, is one of the mountains of the Karakoram range in the Himalayas, and often said to be one of its most difficult to climb. The Muztagh Tower stands 7,273 m (23,860 ft) high between the basins of the Baltoro and Sarpo Laggo glaciers, and also possesses a second summit that is 7,180 m high.

Long thought to be unclimbable, it was first conquered in 1956 by a British expedition, consisting of John Hartog, Joe Brown, Tom Patey and Ian McNaught Davis, that came from the west side; the group just barely managed to beat a French party attempting to climb the mountain from the east, reaching the peak on July 6 1956, 5 days before the French did.