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Music of the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a small island in between Great Britain and Ireland. Its culture is Celtic in origin, influenced historically by its neighbors, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. More recently, the island has become a part of the United Kingdom, and Manx music has thus been strongly affected by English folk song as well as British popular music.

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A roots revival of Manx folk music began late in the 20th century, alongside a general revival of the Manx language and culture. The 1970s revival was kickstarted, after the 1974 death of the last native speaker of Manx, by a music festival called Yn Chruinnaght in Ramsey.

Prominent musicians of the Manx musical revival include Emma Christian (Ta'N Dooid Cheet - Beneath the Twilight), whose music includes the harp and tin whistle, and harpist and producer Charles Guard (Avenging and Bright), an administrator at the Manx Heritage Foundation, MacTullagh Vannin (MacTullagh Vannin) and the duo Kiaull Manninagh (Kiaull Manninagh).

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