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Murphy O. Shewchuk

Murphy O. Shewchuk grew up in the British Columbia mining town of Pioneer Gold Mines during the late 1950s. He developed a triple interest in outdoor exploration, photography and electronics while still a teenager. After a stint in the Royal Canadian Air Force in eastern Canada, he and his family moved back to B.C. for a job in electronics with writing and photography as major side interests. In 1971, his work took him to Kamloops B.C., where he began writing a weekly "Outdoor Scene" column for the Kamloops Sentinel. From the column, he moved on to features in "BC Outdoors" and many other magazines.

Shewchuk has written and illustrated 11 books or book-length publications since 1973.

Shewchuk has also been managing editor of the 12th and 13th editions of The Canadian Writer's Guide, published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside of Toronto, Ontario.

In addition to a life-long interest in writing, photography and exploring the mountains of western Canada, Shewchuk has been a workshop speaker at writer's conferences across Canada. He has received awards from the Outdoor Writers of Canada, the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and the Canadian Authors Association. He has served as National President of the Canadian Authors Association.

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