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Murderer's row

Murderer's row was the nickname given to the New York Yankees baseball team of the late 1920s, in particular their 1926, 1927 and 1928 line-ups. The team is recognized as one of the best teams in modern baseball history, alongside the Big Red Machine of the Cincinnati Reds, the late 1980s teams of the Oakland A's and others.

Colonel Jacob Ruppert is the man most often credited for building the line-up of the murderer's row team.

The 1927 season was particularly spectacular by baseball standards for the Yankees. After losing in the 1926 World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals, the 1927 Yankee Stadium residents posted a record of 110 wins and 44 losses, one of the best records in baseball history. Although the team was nicknamed murderer's row primarly because of their offense, their pitching was also one of the best ever, ranking first in the major leagues in lowest run earned average (ERA) that season.

The 1927 Yankees won the American League pennant by one of the largest margins ever, 19 games. Then, they swept the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the World Series, and they repeated as World Series champion in 1928.

Many other teams have been nicknamed Murderer's row (although they have generally had much less success) since then, as well as a music band and a book about Richard Ramirez's killing spree.

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