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Mudejar (sing.) / Mudejannun (pl.). Ar. "Those who submit". Shares same root as the Egyptian Arabic "Dawajin" (domesticated bird).

Medieval Arabic term for those Muslims who remained in areas conquered by non-Muslims (mostly Christians), largely along the Mediterranean Muslim-Christian frontier.

Examples of Mudejarism can be since in the Spanish Reconquista, when large numbers of Spanish Muslims remained under Christian rule, in the Norman conquest of Muslim Sicily (Ar. "Saqilliyah"); in the Muslim khanates of Kazan, Astrakhan, Kasimov and Crimea in western after their conquest by the Grand-Duchy of Moscow; in Crete (Ar. Iqritish) in the 9th century after the Byzantine "little reconquest", and in other isolated areas of the Muslim-Christian frontier.