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Mrs Figg

Arabella Doreen Figg, is a character in the Harry Potter series. She is first mentioned as Mrs. Figg, a caretaker of young Harry in book one of the series (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). She has a lifelong love of cats, and shares her photos of the cats with Harry endlessly. In book four (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), as Arabella Figg, she is referred to by Professor Albus Dumbledore as part of "the old crowd." J. K. Rowling has confirmed that the two characters are the same person, who was placed near Harry's childhood home to protect him.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix she sees two Dementors attack Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley Dursley. When the Ministry of Magic tries to have Harry expelled from Hogwart's for using magic to save himself, Mrs. Figg's testimony before the Wizengamot is crucial in allowing Harry to continue his studies. She also reveals that she deliberately made Harry's stays unpleasant so that the Dursley's would continue to send him to her.