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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is often considered the standard textbook for mountaineering and climbing. The book was first published in 1960 by The Mountaineers of Seattle, Washington. The book is written by a team of over 40 experts in the field and is suitable reading from beginners to experts.

The book grew out of the annual Climbing Course run since 1934 by the Mountaineers, for which the reading material was originally a combination of European works and lecturers' outlines. These were assembled into the Climber's Handbook and published by the Mountaineers in 1948. By 1955 the rapid postwar evolution of climbing techniques and tools had made the Handbook out of date, and the effort was begun to produce Freedom of the Hills.

The first four editions were only available in hardcover.

Table of contents
1 5th Edition
2 Editions
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5th Edition

The 5th edition of the book is split into four parts over 17 chapters:

There are four appendices and an index. 447 pp.


  1. First Steps
  2. Clothing and Equipment
  3. Camping and Food
  4. Routefinding and Navigation
  5. Wilderness Travel
  6. Ropes, Knots, and Carabiners
  7. Belaying
  8. Rappeling
  9. Rock Climbing Techniques
  10. Leading and Placing Protection
  11. Aid Climbing and Pitoncraft
  12. Snow Travel and Climbing
  13. Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue
  14. Ice Climbing
  15. Winter and Expedition Climbing
  16. Safety and Leadership
  17. Alpine Rescue


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