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Mothra is the browser under older versions (before the Fourth Edition) of the Plan 9 operating system.

It is a text-only browser in rendering, though it has a graphical user interface.

Current editions of Plan 9 do not have a Web browser implemented.

Mothra is also one of the Toho Company's kaiju, a large monster that attacks Japan in their series of fantasy monster movies. She first appeared in the film Mothra, which appeared in 1961.

In the series, Mothra is a giant moth; a larval form also appears in the films. Mothra is usually portrayed in the series as relatively benevolent for a giant, destructive monster; her activities are usually directed towards protecting her egg. Mothra has as allies two tiny women called the Peanut Girls or Twin Fairies. These two women, no more than a foot tall, are able to communicate with Mothra to some extent and can pacify the monster by singing.

Mothra did battle with Godzilla in Godzilla versus Mothra, which appeared in 1964.

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