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Morpheus (computer program)

Morpheus is the name of a file sharing client operated by the company StreamCast (formerly called MusicCity) that originally used the OpenNAP peer-to-peer (P2P) platform.

Located at, it has a web-based search interface, just like Audiogalaxy, though Morpheus searches all kinds of media, not just MP3s. In 2001, Morpheus changed protocol from OpenNAP to FastTrack. On February 26 2002, all Morpheus clients suddenly stopped working when the FastTrack protocol was updated and Morpheus users no longer were allowed to log into the network. This was apparently because of licensing disputes between StreamCast and the owners of FastTrack. On March 2, a new, less-robust Morpheus client using Gnutella as its P2P medium was released.

For other meanings of the name Morpheus, see Morpheus.