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Moros y cristianos

Moros y cristianos, "Moors and Christians" in Spanish, refer both to festival activities and to children's games, similar to Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers in the United States.

In addition, it refers to a beans-and-rice dish from Cuba.

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1 Festival
2 Game
3 Food


In many towns of Southern and Eastern Spain, a yearly festival remembers the conquest of the town by Christians from Moors (Muslims) during the Reconquista. The populations is usually enlisted in companies of Christians or Moors and, during several days, parade with costumes inspired in Medieval fashion among shots of gunpowder and fireworks. The festival ends with a simulated battle that the Christians win.


Moros y cristianos is a child's game played in the Philippines. This game must have come to the Philippines after the conquest by the Spanish after 1521, where the Moros are the indigenous Muslims who came to Southeast Asia a century before the Spanish exploration of the New World.


A Cuban recipe for (black) beans and rice, presumably because the black beans represent the moros and the white rice represents the cristianos.

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