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A moped is a motorized two-wheeled vehicle subject to local speed regulations. Typically, mopeds are restricted to 30-35 mph (about 50-55 km/h). Some localities require pedals, thus making them hybrid transport using both human power and machine power. The earliest mopeds, introduced in the early 1950s, were nothing but bicycles with a helper motor on top of the front wheel. An example of this early type is the Solex brand.

The word moped is imported from a Swedish short form of the word motorvelociped. Velociped is an older Swedish word for bicycle, imported from the French word vélocipède formed from the latin velocispedis meaning "fast foot".

In the United Kingdom, Hawaii, and some other jurisdictions, the term "Moped" describes any low powered motorcycle or motor scooter with an engine capacity of less than 50 cc.

Mopeds are like motorcycles and motorized scooters.

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