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The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books by Tove Jansson. They are a family of trolls who are white and furry with large snouts. The family members are Moominmamma, Moominpappa and Moomintroll. They live in their Moominhouse in Moominvalley.

The Moomins also appeared in the form of comic strips, their first appearence was in the London Evening News in 1954. Tove Jansson made all the strips until 1959 when she lost the inspiration. So her brother Lars Jansson who could preserve the style of drawings and texts accurately, took over the job until 1975 when the last strip were released.

Moominmamma is the perfect mother who very rarely gets cross and takes even the most distressing circumstances (such as the arrival of a comet, or being washed away by a flood) in her stride. She is never without her handbag.

Moominpappa is a somewhat restless soul who was adventurous in his youth but has now settled down determined to be a responsible father to his family.

Moomintroll is their son, with a keen sense of adventure and fun, and a generous spirit.

The books in the series are (English titles in alphabetical order):

In addition to the Moomin family, the following characters appear in many of the books: There are other characters who appear from time to time.

The books and comic strips have been translated from their original Swedish into many languages. There are four spin-off TV animation series, one Polish and three Japanese, and a large merchandising industry.