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Montju´c (Hill of the Jews in medieval Catalan or maybe a corruption of Latin Mons Jovicus that is, hill of Jupiter) is a massive hill overlooking the harbor of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

There is a 17th century castle at the top. The top can be reached using a funicular and then a cableway. Part of the slopes are covered with well attended gardens.

The Olympic Stadium used in the 1992 Summer Olympics is located in the slopes opposite to the city. It was originally built for the non-fascist "alternative Olympics" in 1936, which were never held due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. The Olympic Plaza is dominated by a striking, yet non-functioning, telecommunications tower designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, and built in 1992.

The roads in the slopes facing the city used to be a racing circuit til the 1970s.