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Monemvassia can be seen in the background

Monemvassia (or Monemvasia, Malvasy) is a medieval fortress with an adjacent town, located on a small peninsula off the east coast of the Peloponnese in the Greek prefecture of Laconia. Remains include the defensive structures, the small adjacent town and Byzantine churches.

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Middle Ages

The founding of the town and fortress of Monemvassia most probably occured in the 6th Century CE, by people seeking refuge from the Slavic invasion of Greece. From the 10th Century CE, the town developed into an important trade, and maritime centre.

It was a Byzantine town that existed continuously under the domain of the Empire until the 14th Century, when the Empire fell. It was successively governed by Venetians and Ottomans in intervals:

The commercial importance continued for the town until the Orloff Incident in the Russo-Turkish War, which saw its importance severly decline.

Modern Times

The town was liberated from Ottoman rule on August 1,
1821, during the Greek War of Independence.

In more recent history, the town has seen a continuing resurgence in its importance with increasing levels of tourists visiting the site and the region.

Places of Interest

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