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Monarchist League of Canada

The Monarchist League of Canada is an organization of Canadians formed in 1970 whose object is to support the Canadian Constitutional Monarchy.

Over 20 branches exist across Canada, many under the patronage of Lieutenant-Governorss, with membership drawn from citizens who also finance the League, which receives no public subsidies.

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In the 1960s Canadians (English- and French-speaking) wished to assert their distinctiveness. Many of these nationalistss repudiated the Monarchy in their attempt to produce a new Canada. They achieved quick prominence and began to publicize their views. Their attack on the symbols and substance of the Crown produced a public reaction in its defense. The republicans found little public support, and their opponents formed the Monarchist League of Canada in order to educate civil servants, bureaucrats, politicians, social leaders and the populace at large on the benefits of remaining under the Crown.

Aims And Principles

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