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Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines is one of the leading British charter airline companies.

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1 History
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3 Fleet
4 Livery


Monarch first started flying in 1967, using a Bristol 175 plane, from their base at Luton airport near London.

In 1971, Monarch enters the jet age with the usage of the Boeing 720 jet. By 1976, all the planes on Monarch's fleet were jets.

The decade of the 1980s was a decade of change for Monarch Airlines: In 1981, offices were opened at Gatwick International Airport, Glasgow International Airport and Manchester Airport. In 1985, Monarch applied to obtain regularly scheduled airline licenses, and in 1986, Monarch Crown Service was inaugurated as a regularly scheduled division of Monarch.

In 1999, Monarch received Airbus A330 aircraft, allowing it to serve long reach charter destinations with a two class seating configuration.

2000 saw the coming of Monarch into the internet age, as they launched their first website. In 2002, Monarch unveiled a new livery on their aircraft, and Monarch Crown Service was re-named to Monarch Scheduled.

Model airplane wise, Monarch has contracts with several airplane model companies, such as Wooster, Flight Miniatures, etc.


Many charter destinations worldwide, in addition to domestic service in the United Kingdom.


Boeing 757-200, Airbus A320, A321-321, A300-600, A330-200


The majority of the fleet are in the old livery consisting of Black and Yellow cheatlines, with the name Monarch in black on the fuselage. A black M with a black diamond and three black dots on top of the M at the tail. Newer or newly painted aircraft have gold and indigo colours that sweep along the lower half of the aircraft rising to the tail which still bears the black 'M' logo with diamond and 3 dots above it.