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Mohawk is:
  1. A tribe of Native Americans: see Mohawk tribe
  2. The Mohawk Crisis is an event in Quebec history.
  3. The language spoken by the Mohawk people.
  4. A river in New York State, a tributary of the Hudson River: see Mohawk River
  5. Some places in the United States of America:
    1. Mohawk, New York
    2. Mohawk, Tennessee
  6. A hair style, supposedly worn by the Mohawk tribe, consisting of all of the hair shaved, except for a single narrow strip of varying length running from the forehead straight back.
  7. A gasoline station in Canada.
  8. What the New York Central railroad called the 4-8-2 steam locomotive wheel arrangement, rather than Mountain which was used by everyone else. See NYC Mohawk for details on these.

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