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Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi (December 24, 1924 - July 31, 1980) was a Bollywood singer. Along with Lata Mangeshkar, he shares the record for having sung the most number of songs, approximately 26,000), during his film career, spanning 40 years (from 1940 to 1980).

His songs ranged from classical numbers to patriotic songs, sad lamentations to highly romantic numbers, qawallis to ghazals and bhajans, and from slow melancholic tunes to fast masti-bhare geet.

He was the voice of Rajendra Kumar and Jeetendra, the tragedy heroes, Dilip Kumar and Bharat Bhushan, and comedian Johny Walker. His voice personified the rebellious image of the star, Shammi Kapoor and also gave expression to smaller and younger heroes like Biswajit and Joy Mukherjee.

Rafi has also sung for singer-actor Kishore Kumar in a few movies like 'Raagini', 'Baaghi Shehzaada', and 'Shararat'.

In 1965, Rafi was honoured by the Indian Government with the Padma Sri award.

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