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Mölln is a town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is surrounded by several small lakes. The Elbe-Lübeck Canal flows through the town. Mölln belongs to the district of Lauenburg. Population: 18,300 (2001).

The town was founded in the 12th century. It rapidly became an important town, due to the Old Salt Route and the Stecknitz Canal, which was a precursor of the today's Elbe-Luebeck Canal. Although situated in the midst of the medieval duchy of Lauenburg, the town was mortgaged to the Hanseatic town of Lübeck, which ruled Mölln from 1359 to 1683.

Mölln calls itself the Eulenspiegel town, due to Till Eulenspiegel, a legendary clown. Eulenspiegel is said to have lived in Braunschweig (Brunswick), but his last year of life he allegedly resided in Mölln. He died from the plague in 1350. Although his existence is not proven, there are several monuments to him in Mölln.

In November 1992 three Turkish girls die in an arson attack on their living-house in Mölln (23. 11. 1992), nine more people injured (see also: Neo-Nazism).