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Modern Jive

Modern Jive, sometimes called French Jive is a dance style that that originated in the 1980s.

It derives from Swing, Lindy Hop and Rock and Roll and others, the main innovation being to simlify the footwork.

Modern Jive is split into a wide number of essentially similar styles (often for commercial reasons) including:

While all these three forms of dance have Swing and Rock-and-Roll moves in common, moves from many forms of dance including Salsa and Tango may be included, according to the specific style and even the particular dance teacher.

Similarly, identical dance moves often have different names in each style, and different signals to indicate the next move. For example the Lindy Hop Swing Out is similar to a First Move in Ceroc. Despite this there is rarely a problem dancing with people who have been taught another styles, at least with the less advanced moves. Because of it's ecclectic nature there are hundreds of moves and variations that can be learnt. One source for these moves may be found at .

Modern Jive is generallly danced to music with 4 beats to the bar (4/4 or Common time), from latest chart hits to big band music and everything between, in a wide variety of tempos from slow to very fast. Some styles may concentrate on particular musical styles, such as swing.

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