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Mississauga Horse

The Mississauga Horse was a Canadian Army militia cavalry regiment.

It was originally formed as the Toronto Mounted Rifles at Toronto, Ontario on April 1, 1901 by combining J and K Squadrons of the Canadian Mounted Rifles with three newly raised companies. In 1903 the regiment was renamed to the 9th Toronto Light Horse and in 1907 it was renamed to the 9th Mississauga Horse. Mississauga is a suburb to the east of Toronto.

The 9th Mississauga Horse contributed many volunteers to the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I in particular to the 170th Infantry Batallion.

In 1920 the regiment was renamed The Ontario Mounted Rifles and in 1924 it was renamed The Mississauga Horse.

In 1936 the regiment was amalgamated with The Govenor General's Body Guard to form The Governor General's Horse Guards which still exists today as a militia (i.e. part-time reservist) unit in Toronto.


Notable members