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Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

Mission San Gabriel Arcángel was founded on September 8, 1771 by Father Junipero Serra. It was named for the Archangel Gabriel. The mission was designed by Father Antonio Cruzado.

The economy at Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was similar to the other missions in that they planted wheat, corn, and grapes, and raised cattle and sheep. It was also well known for its fine wines, and most of the soap and candles used at the other missions were made at the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. Mission San Gabriel is located near to what became the city of Los Angeles, California.

The mission's church was used as a parish church for the city of San Gabriel from 1862 until 1908. In 1908, the Claretian Missionary Fathers came to San Gabriel and began the job of rebuilding and restoring the mission. On October 1, 1987 the Whittier-Narrows earthquake damaged the mission. It took many years to repair the buildings from the earthquake and the restoration continues today.

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