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Miquelon is an island, part of the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago. The name is of Basque origin and means "Michael", as several fishermen with this name were established in the island.

In 1579, the names Micquet§, Micquelle were published for the first time in Martin de Hoyaršabal's navigational pilot. The name evolved over time into 'Miclon, Micklon, and finally Miquelon''.

Miquelon is in fact three geologically independent islands tied together by sand dunes. These islands are: Le Cap, Miquelon (Grand Miquelon) and Langlade (Petite Miquelon).

The population of Miquelon is mainly of Basque and Acadian ancestry.

Miquelon has a large lagoon known as the Grand Barachois which is host to a large population of sealss and many other wildlife. The island of Miquelon is also a well known destination for bird watching.