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Minami Torishima

Minami Torishima (南鳥島) or Marcus Island is a very small isolated island in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, located at latitude 24'18" N and longitude 153'58" E. It is only 1 sq km in size. It is the easternmost territory belonging to Japan, some 1,900 km SE of Tokyo, and nearly on a straight line between Tokyo and Wake Island.

The island is first mentioned in 1864, given a position by a US survey ship in 1874, and first landed on by Kiozaemon Saito in 1879. Japan officially claimed the island July 19, 1898.

In World War II there were over 4,000 Japanese soldiers stationed on the island, and the US Navy attacked it in 1943, but never attempted to capture it.

The island is presently used for weather observation and has a radio station, but little else. Because of its isolation, it is of some interest to DXers.

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