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Military of the Central African Republic

As of December 1999, Central African Republic armed forces numbered between 4,000-4,500, including the gendarmerie (army and navy), National Police, Presidential Guard, and local police personnel. Under military restructuring plans formulated 1999-2000, the civilian Minister of Defense now controls and directs all armed forces, including the Presidential Security Unit (UPS), which had previously been seen as a militia supporting the President. Working with the French, the C.A.R. military is attempting to provide professional training and decentralize its troops in an effort to combat road bandits, thievery, and poaching throughout the C.A.R. territory. There also are plans underway to encourage some voluntary demobilization and recruitment of more capable and ethnically balanced personnel.

Military branches: Central African Armed Forces (includes Republican Guard and Air Force), Presidential Guard, National Gendarmerie, Police Force

Military manpower - availability:
males age 15-49: 804,941 (2000 est.)

Military manpower - fit for military service:
males age 15-49: 420,619 (2000 est.)

Military expenditures - dollar figure: $29 million (FY96)

Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 2.2% (FY96)

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