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Military espionage

Military espionage, or military intelligence (MI), is a military discipline that focuses on information gathering, control, and dissemination about enemy units, terrain, and the weather in an area of operations.

Most armies maintain a military intelligence division, section, or corps. Officers and enlisted men assigned to military intelligence are selected for their analytical abilities and the ability to keep secrets. They receive formal training in these disciplines.

United States

The U.S. military refers to the military intelligence officer as the J-2, G-2 or S-2, depending on whether his or her assigment is with a joint service staff, a general officer's staff, or the staff of a unit commanded by an officer who ranks below general. In infantry battalions, this post is usually held by a captain, with a first lieutenant as a deputy and a master sergeant (pay grade E-8) or platoon sergeant (pay grade E-7) as staff NCO.

The United States Army trains military intelligence officers at Fort Huachucha, Arizona.


In Britain the MI abbreviation is used by MI5 and MI6, but neither organization is a military intelligence group - the use is a historical vestige relating to their origins. The intelligence group of the British Army is the Intelligence Corps.

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