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Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin (born "Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin", 1879 - 1954) was an Australian writer. She was born in New South Wales.

After the publication of "My Brilliant Career" in 1901, Franklin tried a career in nursing, and then as a housemaid in Sydney and Melbourne. Whilst doing this she wrote as a freelance journalist for the Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald under the pseudonyms "An Old Bachelor" and "Vernacular".

In 1906, Franklin travelled to the USA and undertook secretarial and editorial work for Alice Henry, another Australian, in the National Women's Trade Union league. In 1915, she travelled to England and worked as a nurse in the Scottish Women's Hospital at Ostrovo in the Serbian campaigns of 1917-1918. She resettled back in Australia in 1932.

Miles Franklin died in 1954. In her will she bequeathed her estate to establish an annual literary award known as The Miles Franklin Award.

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3 Under the pseudonym of "Brent of Bin Bin"
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Selected works


Under the pseudonym of "Brent of Bin Bin"