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Miguel II, Duke of Braganza

Miguel II of Braganša, in English Michael II of Braganza (September 19 , 1853- October 11, 1927) was the 22nd Duke of Braganša.

He was born in Kleinheubach Castle near Miltenberg, Bavaria, during the exile in Germany of his father, former king Miguel I of Portugal. His mother was Adelaid, princess of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort-Rosenberg.

As the son of King Miguel, the duke was forbidden to enter Portuguese territory. Therefore, he was educated in Germany and Austria. He was a member of the staff of Franz Josef, emperor of Austria and took part in the occupation of Bosnia. It is said that the emperor liked the duke immensely and granted him the privileged of extra-territoriality that allowed him to remain Portuguese, despite the rejection of Portugal. During World War I, Miguel was one of the field marshals of the Austrian army until, in 1917, Portugal enters the conflict on the opposite side. Immediately he asked for exoneration and served the rest of the war as a civil, in the Order of Malta. After the end of the Austrian Empire, Miguel and his family were (relatively) thrown into poverty.

Miguel's descendants

In 1920, after some family quarrels with his older son, Miguel II abdicated the duchy of Braganša for Duarte, only 13 years old.

Miguel died in Seebenstein, on October 11, 1927.

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