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Miguel Barbachano

Miguel Barbachano y Tarrazo (1806 - 17 December, 1859) was a liberal Yucatecan politician, who was 5 times governor of Yucatán between 1841 and 1853.

Miguel Barbachano was born in Campeche.

He was one of the staunchest advocates for the independence of Yucatán from Mexico, but historical circumstances led to Yucatán twice declaring it's independence while Barbachano was out of power, and twice Barbachano arranged for Yucatán's reunification with Mexico.

He generally alternated in power with centerist Santiago Méndez, who was more in favor of union with Mexico but was driven to declare independence by the excesses of Mexican dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna.

The final reunification was due to the crisis of the Caste War of Yucatán.

Miguel Barbachano's terms as Governor of Yucatán were: