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Midwestern cuisine

Midwestern cuisine in the United States reveals the glory of simple dishes such as pot roast, sausage, scrapple, pancakes and other comfort foods. Dairy is an important ingredient, especially cheese. Meals tend to be served family style or smorgasbord rather than in courses. Seasoning is light, not spicy.

As with most cuisines, it is heavily influenced by the immigrant groups which settled in various areas of the Midwest. In the northern Midwest, that consists of mainly Northern European groups, so Swedish and Norwegian lutefisk, Cornish pasties, or Polish pączki are common. Missouri and Illinois were destinations for many German immigrants, so sausages and potatoes are more prevalent.

Some midwestern dishes include:

Saint Louis, Missouri, reflecting its varied immigrant influences, is known for dishes such as "toasted ravioli" (which is actually breaded and fried), and frozen custard.

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