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Midoru, born 3 April (year unknown, said to be sometime in the early seventies), is the stage name of an enigmatic composer, guitarist, and designer, probably of French origin. His real name is unknown.

Midoru is believed to have worked as a session guitarist in France during the early to mid 1990s. He recorded a promotional CD Esclaves à Vendre in preparation for a 1996 tour of Japan, but this was never released. Midoru suffered a severe wrist injury in a riding accident, and cancelled the tour. He attempted to recover all copies of the CD and subsequently disappeared from public sight.

He described his style as "an avant-garde mix of classical and rock music, dramatic make-up, elegant costumes and stage sets with the atmosphere of a dark gothic movie". His music combines elements of European classical with rock, industrial and black metal influences, somewhat approaching the effect of a horror movie soundtrack.