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Microbotics is the techno-science for microbots.

A microbot is a mobile robot with a microcontroller. Microbots were born thanks to the appearance of the microcontroller in the last decade of the 20th century, because it's the computer that controls the microbots and it's embedded in it.

Due to its limited computing power, microbots are dedicated to solving tasks quickly and accurately that donīt require high processing power and complex algorithms.

Because of the microcontroller's smallness and portability, one of the chief characteristics of the microbot is the mobility, because the chip that directs it is embedded.

Nowadays, thanks chiefly to the wireless connections, like Wi-Fi (i.e. in domotic network) the microbotīs processing capacity has risen, so it can memorize more data and do more complex tasks. When the microbot works without be controlled by an external computer (with the computer off), one says it works in a autonomous way.

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