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Michael V

Michael V Calaphates (in Greek Μιχαήλ Καλαφάτης, meaning "the caulker"), was the nephew and successor as Byzantine emperor of Michael IV and adoptive son of his wife Zoë. His surname reflected the early occupation of his father.

He owed his elevation on December 10, 1041 to his uncle John whom he almost immediately banished to a monastery. On the night of April 18 to April 19, 1042 he also managed to banish his adoptive mother and co-ruler Zoe to a monastery, to become sole Emperor. His announcement of the event, in the morning, led to a popular revolt, in consequence of which he was dethroned after a brief reign of four months, blinded, and relegated to a monastery. He died there in August 24, 1042. His unpopularity seems largely due to his attempts at administrative reform, which were strongly resented by the dominant classes, while the lower classes considered him a common usurper.

This entry was originally from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

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