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Michael Powell (politician)

Michael K. Powell is an American politician and a Republican. He was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by President Bill Clinton on 3 November 1997. President George W. Bush designated him chairman of the commission on 22 January 2001. Powell is the son of Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Powell was a officer in the United States Army, but was unable to serve sustaining an injury during a training mission which left him spending year in the hospital. He also served as an expert advisor to the Secretary of Defense.

After attending law school, Powell worked as a private attorney as well as in the antitrust division of the justice department.

As the chairman of the FCC, Powell has been a proponent of relaxing regulations on media ownership. On 2 June 2003, the FCC, under Powell's direction, approved rule changes to do just that (see concentration of media ownership).

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