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Michael Medved

Michael Medved (born October 1948) is an Orthodox Jewish author, columnist and one of America's best known film reviewers. He hosts a nationally syndicated conservative talk show.

He has published a number of books, of which the best remembered is his The Golden Turkey Awards, which appeared in 1980, which he co-wrote with his younger brother Harry Medved. This book was pivotal in calling the public's attention to the humorous potential of bad movies; its selection of Plan 9 from Outer Space as the worst movie ever made helped turn that almost forgotten Ed Wood film into a cult film. This book spawned several sequels.

He is one of the Jewish voices in America praising Mel Gibson's controversial movie, The Passion (another is Steven Waldman; see [1]). Medved reviewed a pre-release version of and called it "the best adaptation of The Bible in Hollywood history".