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Miami Vice

Miami Vice was a television series (five seasons from 1984) starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as two Miami policemen working undercover, James Sonny Crockett (Sonny) and Ricardo Tubbs.

In the first seasons the tone was often very light, especially when comical characters such as Noogie and Izzy appeared. Later on, the content was almost always quite dark and cynical, with Crockett and Tubbs also having to fight corruption.

Personal issues also arose: Crockett divorced from his wife Caroline and later his second wife was killed by a criminal. In the three episodes Mirror Image, Hostile Takeover and Redemption in Blood, a concussion caused by an explosion causes Crockett to believe he is his undercover alter ego Sonny Burnett. Tubbs had a partly personal vendetta with the Calderone family.

The show also had a huge influence on (men's) fashion at the time, arguably inventing the "white T-shirt under Armani jacket"-style. Pastel colors dominated in clothes as well as architecturally.

The show was noted for its innovative use of music, particularly the instrumental music of Jan Hammer, who was also responsible for the title music.


Many famous actors guest starred in Miami Vice, for example Phil Collins, David Rasche and Ian McShane.